Pollution? Here are the effects on our skin.

Air pollution puts a strain on our skin and our planet. As highlighted by a study by the University of Washington, the increase in global CO2 emissions causes a thickening of tree leaves. What does it mean? That this limits their ability to hold carbon dioxide.
Furthermore, the increase of deforestation contributes to aggravating the situation.

Are you wondering what is the correlation between climate contamination and our skin? Our skin, in addition to being the wrapper of our body, is a real filter that acts as a barrier between what is inside and what is outside. The toxic particles emitted by the exhaust pipes of the transports, the smoke or the so-called fine dust [given by the combustion of oil, wood and coal] present in the air, cause loss of pigmentation, the appearance of acne and blackheads, weakening and premature aging of the skin.

In addition to this, the deposit of fine dust on our skin prevents the skin from regenerating and retaining moisture; this does not allow the natural hydration of the epidermis. How can we best protect our dermis? First of all, a correct diet is necessary and, more generally, a healthy lifestyle, avoiding the abuse of smoking and alcohol. Why? Because the excess consumption of these two substances causes the loss of vitamin A and vitamin E [strong antioxidants capable of slowing down skin aging] and, consequently, favor the onset of wrinkles.

In addition to a healthy lifestyle, it is essential to have a daily skincare routine starting with the deep cleansing of the face and body. It would be ideal to start with a face / body scrub that can decisively eliminate excess toxins on our skin; in the case of the face, continue with the application of a detox face mask that eliminates any residue of impurities from the complexion. Finally, the application of a very moisturizing cream, both body and face, would be optimal, in order to give a new deep hydration to our skin and a long-term protective effect.

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