What about the water? A friend of our skin!

How many times have we heard that water is a friend of our skin? That drinking lots of water is good for us and helps us purify ourselves of toxins?
Lots! From the various advertisements to the interviews released by the VIP's, this sentence is repeated hundreds and hundreds of times so the question that arises is: is water really good for our skin or are they just words?

Various studies conducted in recent decades show that proper daily hydration helps improve the appearance of the skin, while a more recent study by the Universities of Lisbon and Madrid shows that drinking plenty of water helps improve both the hydration of the surface layer of the skin and the deepest one too.

Therefore, the theory according to which drinking lots of water improves the hydration of the skin in its entirety and, consequently, perfects its elasticity, seems to be confirmed. Proper fluid intake helps improve overall hydration but also helps purify the skin by eliminating toxins.

With its detoxifying action, it helps us eliminate impurities from the dermis and consequently delay its aging. The daily intake of at least 2 liters of water combined with correct skincare will help our epidermis maintain its elasticity and regenerate itself, delaying the appearance of wrinkles or annoying skin spots. Have you seen? Water is really a friend of our skin!

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