Skincare routine.. natural or not?

We all know how having an appropriate skincare routine acts both as a slowdown for skin aging, and as a prevention of the onset of new blemishes.

We go to supermarkets, pharmacies or herbalists in search of products that make our skincare effective and often, those cosmetics make us spend more money than we would have liked.

Are we sure this is the right thought to have? It goes without saying that a cosmetic with a very low price cannot contain valuable active ingredients, this is because the cost of real quality raw materials is always very high; Sometimes however, we find some rather expensive products and, uncertain of their effectiveness, we prefer to fall back into a skincare with a lower price and, consequently, surely mediocre ingredients.

So: how do we choose in front of countless jars and bottles of all brands from all over the world?

skincare routine

The answer is easy: by reading the INCI of the product itself.

The product we are dealing with has a high degree of naturalness? Is it vegan and maybe not so affordable? The deductions that we could draw from it are: it certainly does not contain harmful substances for our skin [for example mineral oils, silicones or parabens], it is certainly almost free of full chemical ingredients [so it does not clog the pores] and, as a third observation, being the price not a "supermarket" one, it will almost certainly mean that it will contain really good quality ingredients.

Is it so important to have a daily skincare routine? No, it is not and now I'll explain you why.

If a cosmetic is healthy, nourishing and effective, the skin will not need a daily application; you can easily use the product three or four times a week if we're talking about face cream and body cream products and, as regards cosmetics such as scrub and mask, it will be more than enough once every seven / eight days.

Let's always remember that low cost is rarely synonymous of good quality and that natural it's always better.

So: natural skincare routine? Yes, it's better!

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