A recyclable packaging? Yes, it's possible!

Recyclable packaging? Yes, it's possible! Plastic is one of the most used components for packaging all over the world, however it is also among the most polluting and difficult solid waste to dispose of. How can we help the environment?

Starting from separate waste collection. This allows the garbage to be separated in such a way as to redirect each type of waste towards the respective disposal or recycling treatment.

Our separate collection will arrive [loose or packaged] in a special factory where it will be sort, clean, filter and separate the plastic from other non-recyclable waste until the material is completely recycled and recyclable. To achieve this result, however, we also need to take a previous step, that is to pass our waste through a special plant that grinds, centrifuges and reduces the plastic into confetti. These confetti, through a subsequent processing, will become food trays, blister packs for medicines, water bottles, etc.

At Pheal we have decided to create a line with a packaging that is entirely recyclable and, for this reason, we have chosen not to apply any additional labels and not to use glues of any kind as regards the external packaging.
We have also chosen to use wood as it is 100% biodegradable and therefore easily recyclable.

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