The pomegranate

The pomegranate, a plant belonging to the Lythraceae genus, is a plant native to the area between Iran and the Himalayan chain, as well as being present since ancient times also in the Caucasus regions and the entire Mediterranean scrub in general. Introduced in Latin America by the Spanish conquerors in 1769, it is currently widely cultivated in Mexico, California and Arizona.

A small tree with a bushy habit, the pomegranate can reach 5 meters in height and live over a hundred years. Its leaves are shiny, narrow and elongated while its flowers are bright red and have three or four petals.

The fruit of this plant, called pomegranate or grenade, is a very robust round berry with a diameter of up to 12 cm and whose size is strongly influenced by the variety and cultivation conditions. The seeds, placed inside the berry, are red in color and in some varieties they are surrounded by a translucent pulp colored from white to ruby red, more or less acidic which, in the edible fruit varieties, takes on sweet and fragrant connotations.


Used as an ornamental plant in gardens and on terraces, it is industrially cultivated for the production of fruits used for their herbal and cosmetic properties.

An excellent source of fiber useful for the digestion and the intestinal health, its regular consumption is associated with benefits for health issues such as diabetes, hyperglycemia and cardiovascular problems.

However, this fruit also has cosmetic properties, let's see some of them. Pomegranate juice, rich in repairing vitamins, is perfect as a soothing oil after sun exposure or more simply in case of irritated skin and redness. Characterized by a strong presence of antioxidants and regenerating substances, it is widely used as an anti-aging component in various cosmetics; in fact, the presence of punicic acid favors the formation of new cells and the consequent regeneration of the skin tissue, in order to make the skin regain a fresher and brighter appearance and to fight free radicals.

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